What will replace Beanshell in Vassal 4?

Curious what folks plan Vassal 4 to have as an analog to Beanshell expressions?

I’m assuming it won’t be actual Beanshell “because Java”.

But of course a lot of us use Beanshell fairly heavily including especially the string and numeric functions - and these are technically “vanilla Vassal”.

I don’t have any major objection to needing to do some by-hand work to upconvert my modules to Vassal 4, but certainly if there turned out to be stuff that simply didn’t exist in Vassal 4 (e.g. methods like replace, replaceAll, indexOf, parseInt, and most-important-of-all “contains”) then I’m not sure how I’d go about that.

Just plopping that out there for discussion!


Lua is my recommendation for the reasons I outline here http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Vassal_4.

Lua has a full suite of equivalent string functions and my expectation is that Beanshell expressions are one of the things we will be able to convert 100% successfully.

Ah, gotcha! Lua sounds great. I was thinking about Lua in terms of even more advanced scripting capabilities like writing little mini-functions/methods (hopefully Vassal 4 will have?) but as a Beanshell substitute that sounds good.