whats a good columbia mod to learn vassal on?

i be a noob to vassal.

i’ve just been collecting the mods (esp columbia games) because they look so damned good!

i think i’m getting closer to the next step - actually playing!

so, as only a columbia game owner , which of these would be , in your opinion , the best to learn vassal by?

crusader rex
eastfront (this i am most experienced at)

when i say learn vassal , i guess i also mean which of these games would present the smoothest game flow , the least back and forth for small details.

i would play some solo before looking for opposition.

so , any opinions?


I would recommend you start with the game for which you know the rules well (EastFront in your case?). Vassal has a bit of a learning curve so you don’t want to have to be thinking about rules too much while you find your way around the software.


I think there already is a EastFront mod you can have a look at. I don’t remember exactly who designed it.

And BSmith designed also a EuroFront2 mod.

I am also working on a EuroFront2 mod on my own but nothing ready to show at the moment apart from some graphics.

You’ll also have to decide early on in your mod how you want to tackle the hidden pieces issue.


I suggest Napoleon. It has no cards and has a pre-defined setup. I created most of the vassal mods, and I put a solitaire option in all of them, so you could play it alone (offline) to get comfortable with the basics.