What's the quickest, most painless way to upload an UPGRADE?

I just uploaded a module, and found the process of making a page rather harrowing. Let’s face it, Wiki is just not very user friendly for non-code-fluent users. Highly overcomplicated…

Anyway, I have added a few very small fixes and errata to the module and need a x.xX version uploaded. I of course, want to do it on the same page (in fact, when I first uploaded the module I created a brand new page, and the admins very nicely incorporated it into the original page with a different, related module [and thanks for that!]). But, even when attempting to do edits to the page, I don’t ever seem to get a preview with the red links (from which I can presumably upload a new file). The links are always blue (and clicking them starts the process of downloading the file, which I don’t need).

Can someone step in and provide a short (hopefully painless) method to update the link?? It’s already labeled 1.31, but the “old” 1.3 file is what’s behind the link. (oh, it’s Red Badge of Courage…)

Upload your file and I will link it. Post when its uploaded

Better yet got take a look at the page now. Rename your module file to match the red link and by clicking on that red link you will be able to upload it

Done! Upload completed! Thanks for your fast response to this. Perhaps I’ll get it right the next time I need to upload or update a file! I fully recognize it could be a case of “Dense User Error”!