What's this link in an email I received?

Got an email and the link lead me to: Talk:Panzers Last Stand: Battles for Budapest, 1945

No idea how to reply to the message that it contained. Can I?

Presumably you got that email because you had either previously edited that wiki page, or because you flagged it to notify you of changes. It’s a wiki page, so you’re welcome to sign in to the wiki and then edit it yourself to continue a dialog (or delete content that doesn’t belong, if that’s more appropriate).

Edit: After checking that page myself, I see you are the module maintainer, so the linked discussion page was probably automatically added to your watch list when you edited the main page. You can get to the Talk page manually by clicking on the menu and selecting “Discussion”, FYI. Some module maintainers use the discussion page for detailed patch notes (see Terraforming Mars for an example).

OK, thanks. Had never seen that before.