Where are these files?!

So I’m stepping through the Boardgame tutorial, Zapwars. It says at the introduction of creating your own module, that these tutorials have a directory with all used datafiles. I cannot find them. Where are they? Where do I download it from?

The “zapwars.zip” is the module and if you open that module with a decompression tool (www.7-zip.org recommended) you will find a folder named ‘images’ containing all the gfx used by that module. Also if you open that module with the module editor you can look at the logic of the module.

Hope this helps,

OK, tnx for the fast reply. But, WHERE is this module? Can’t find it in DOWNLOADS nor in MODULES.
Or I must be really dumb…

Well right at that doc site is the link (: See how “zapwars.zip” is highlighted and has a “compressed folder” icon in front.

link is >here<

although this is a tutorial module only

I must have had a bad hair-do day. Fount it. Tnx for your patience…

Glad you found it all ;) Happy modding!