Where can I dowload modules?

Sorry, I’m a newby. Where can I download vassal nodules? :slight_smile:

On Jul 7, 2010, at 11:15 AM, panther_2010 wrote:

A lot of modules are on the main website


(which is down for a bit while it moves to a new computer)

Some other modules are stored in different places, some of which are
accessible from the game company websites, others are in other
places. You just need to ask around to find those.

What games are you looking for?

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Many thanks for your reply. At present i’m looking for PANZERBLITZ/PANZER LEADER modules. I started playing boardgames long time ago in the '80s , but I’m new to informatic supports in gaming.
I’m looking for PBEM opponents, too, but I need to practice with this program before, to avoid lots of errors. :laughing: