Where do you get the "new" modules???

I must be missing something. On the main page there is a listing for “new” modules, newly created or updated. However, these listings do not provide any links, just info concerning the module/game it’s based on.

Heading off to the Modules page, the new module for a game that has not previously been released is not there, and the listing for a game that has been “updated” (in this case Wellington) is still the old version.

Is there a particular place to go for “new” module releases, until they are combined with the older stuff on the Modules page?

I believe you’re mistaken about Wellington. Click on the link, then the “files” tab and you’ll find both version 1 and version 2 are available for download.
Thanks for looking! (I’m the contributor)

I admit that I never got that far. Clicking on the Wellington link in the “table of contents” for modules brought me to the main Wellington page, where at the top left corner of the picture of what the module looks like, it shows 1.0

Since the overview pic was from version 1.0, I just figured the files there were old as well.

Thanks for the info.

I see. I should pull my finger out and update the picture then. :slight_smile:

Well, it can also be chalked up to my notoriously small attention span. It immediately didn’t appear to be the place, so I immediately took a powder.