Where is Divine Right 1.1 download link?

Hi everyone, I’m new here but not to vassal. I noticed a couple of days ago that there was a new version of the DR module posted on the home page, but when I went to the DR page itself it had only the divineright79.vmod, which appears to be the old version since I already had it. Did I miss something, or has the link been lost for the new version?

The link should be fixed. The file name is the same as the old one, but you can check to make sure you have the new one (version 1.1.1) under Help > About Divine Right.

Thus spake “mycenae”:

You really should indicate the version accurately in the name of the module
file—having two different versions with the same filename is bound to
confuse people.


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Okay, that did it. Thanks for the info. I feel a little noobish, but all is well.