Where is everyone?

New here… this looks awesome! But I looked through the current list and didn’t find hardly any players anywhere! (especially any Axis & Allies games) Is this normal? sorry if not in right posting area.

lol…yea, this is normal, as you can tell by the lack of response. These forums crack me up, because you can see some posts have over 200 views and not one reply…roflmao! I almost got to the point of not checking anymore.

What games do you like?

I think that the posts get replied to if they are a mainstream game ob. Personally I have too many games on the go now but find it hard to say no when some-one is looking for an opponent .

If you’re still looking for someone to play Axis and Allies with, I just found this website and would be happy to join any games. I’ve only played the original and Europe, but I have D-Day coming (the board game) and I know there are places online to find the rulebooks for the others.