Which game to buy?

I am new to boardgames but would like to give it a try. What do you think is the best game to start with regarding

a) the likelihood to find opponents here at Vassal to play against as I am lacking human opponents where I am living?

b) the possibility to learn the art of boardgaming?

Which of the following games would you buy and why?

Prussia’s defiant stand
Hammer of the Scots
Advanced Squad Leader - Starter Kit #1
Clash of Monarchs
Lock 'n load - A day of heroes

Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with any of the games on your list except ASL and I haven’t played that in a number of years. But no-one has replied to your post so I thought I give it a shot.

ASL is quite popular so I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding opponents. It also allows you to learn the system by steps. The advantage of a series game like ASL, and there are plenty more, is that once the basic rules are learned you can play new titles without too much trouble.

Games cover just about every historical period and level of command so I would try what interests you. Consimworld is a good source of info for this.

One warning: Games vary in quality so don’t let a clunker dissuade you from searching for the game or series of games that you will really enjoy.