Who did the "The Next War" module?How did he get permission

Hi guys, I just saw the “The Next War” mod, and in the description the person that did it writes “I got permission from … to do this”.

Could that person contact me? I bought “Fulda Gap” for a history class and I would be interested to play it with the kids or let them play it outside of school, so having the game in VASSAL or Tabletop Simulator would be great. It would be really nice to get into contact with the person that got permission to do this other mod by SPI.

I really don’t understand the condition that SPI set:

“I have received permission from Decision Games and Christopher Cummins, the SPI copyrights holders, to publish The Next War Vassal module only.”

What does “only” mean? Only for Vassal? Or that they will only ever allow this one of their games to be ported?

I created the “The Next War” VASSAL Module. At the time, I didn’t realize there was an issue posting SPI games to the VASSAL Library. Once I was finished with the initial version, I did my homework and learned that Decision Games owned the copyright for old SPI games. I then heard that they weren’t too keen on allowing VASSAL Modules for these games to be shared. I wrote up a short e-mail to Decision Games (dgservice@earthlink.net) requesting permission to post the file on the VASSAL web site, and I expected a quick negative reply. Instead, they forwarded my request to Christopher Cummins, the owner of Decision Games, and he replied with a simple “permission granted” about 10 days later.

The “only” in this sentence means that this is the only SPI game that I have permission to share.

Thanks for the answer, once I find the time I will mail them :slight_smile:

Just got the game and just wrote the email. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Never got an answer, just resent the mail, maybe this time someone will answer me :confused: wish me luck!

Are you sure that you wrote the email correctly? Is it dgservice@earthlink.net? If so and they don’t answer this time, I don’t know what else I could do.

ForAiur and Richz99,

Decision games is ALWAYS accepting and posting VASSAL modules to their website:


shop.decisiongames.com/SearchRe … sp?Cat=106 the vassal modules are free…

mailto: doccummins@decisiongames.com that is the owner and he was who I communicated with concerning vassal modules

I made a vassal module for one of their upcoming games (War Returns to Europe), then they wanted another…

So if a vassal module for Fulda Gap was made, it would be posted to their website after they reviewed it…

They never answered, also not my 2nd mail. Very strange.

I didn’t do anything for months now, but this is how far I had come with the Fulda Gap mod for Tabletop Simulator:

dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/226 … ulator.jpg

I would soooo like to finish and publish this but noone ever answers under that Email you gave me :confused: Maybe I should make an international phone call …

Bummer. All I can suggest is to send them a few more e-mails respectfully requesting permission to post the module.

I’m sort of in the same boat. I authored a module for Drive on Kursk (S&T #253) on someone else’s behest, and now that it’s done, I want to post it up on the VASSAL site. I remembered finding a communication on the DG site that said they no longer have a problem with publishing VASSAL modules or distributing them. Now, I can’t seem to locate that text.

I also sent an email announcing my intention, and almost 10 days later have only crickets as a response. (I find it really rude and unprofessional for a business to not reply in a timely manner, I sure will say that).

Not sure whether I’ll send another. What I may end up doing is just posting it on the VASSAL site, and just “let it go”. If the VASSAL people decide to take it down, well, not much I can do about it. At least I’ll have tried.

Did you get an answer by now?

I never got an answer. I would even do an international call after I spent 70 dollars in a boardgame that was meant to be played by my students in Tabletop Simulator.

Wrote again today, but this time to their service e-mail adress. Fingers crossed!