Why nearly all hex and chit wargames on the homepage?

It gives the impression that Vassal is only for wargames, and primarily hex and chit wargames.

If that’s deliberate, I disagree that it’s a good idea, but not enough to argue about it.

If that’s not deliberate, perhaps some more variety would be a good idea?

Screenshots which are lossless and can be cropped to be in the neighborhood of 1600x1200px are welcome.

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OK, any other criteria? They all seem to include the toolbar, is that a requirement? png format?

The existing ones happen to include the toolbar; it’s not a requirement. PNG is fine in that it’s a lossless format; any other lossless format is also fine. I will convert as needed.

The only hard requirements are that the screenshots be lossless and croppable to something 4:3 in the neighborhood of 1600x1200 and that they look good.

OK, here’s one:

and another:

and a wargame to round them out:

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An alternative slightly more zoomed in image for Pax Pamir 2e:

Or a version at 100% zoom, if that is preferred (I notice that seems to be the case for the other examples)