Wilderness War opponent wanted

I was just in Quebec and nothing makes you want to game the Wilderness War like visiting that Fortress City. I have the game and am familiar with the rules and have played before so we could jump right in. I’m not an expert by any means but if I recall correctly it rewarded historical play (which I like a lot as I often just like to play games to recreate history) and punish bad tactics. These card games are best played live as it takes too many emails but I’m flexible. I’m on GMT -6 (Rocky Mountain time USA) und Ich kann auch auf Deutsch sprechen oder schreiben et un peu Francais.

I would like to give this game a shot. I’m new to this game and to Vassal so there will probably be a learning curve, but I’ve got to start somewhere. I’m on the East Coast and generally available evenings or weekends, or willing to try play-by-email (or some combination of live play and electronic play).


Hey if you two guys are still interested I’d enjoy being an opponent.