Will there be any future updates to the Area of Effect

Will there be any future updates to the Area of Effect feature?
To offer more than just the circle?

Heres what i’m thinking:
Babylon 5 ACTA mod, each ship counter has a weapon system in each fire arc, front, back, port and starboard arcs.
I’d like the Area of Effect to be able to respect those fire arcs only, and any part of the circle not in the specific fire arc wouldn’t appear on board.
It would be used to show weapons range rather than having to use the Range tool.

I know i could add this by using Layers and create a semi-transparent homemade area of effect (were the layer is invisible outside the fire arc) but adding this to several hundred ships individually would be time consuming. Most ships weapons ranges are different too.

The enhancement to Area of Effect I’d like to see… I’d like to be
able to highlight all terrain hex meeting specific criteria and every
hex adjacent to those hexes. I tried to do this with Area of Effect,
but there were two problems.

  1. The actual targeted hex doesn’t get highlighted
  2. Any hex that end up in the range where they would be highlighted
    more than once, the transparent highlight compounds so its darker in
    those areas instead of uniformly highlighted.

I’d like options to 1, effect the local hex, and 2, short circuit
highlighting if a hex is already lit up by an equivalent area of

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Another idea I had was to have masked or invisible pieces appear if they are within the area of effect of an enemy piece. Although this would be relatively easy (I suppose), the reason I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought is because it could so easily be abused. Thoughts?

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