Will Vassal work with a Chromebook

I’m wondering if anyone has used Vassal on a Chromebook. I’m new to Vassal, and I’m thinking about getting a Chromebook, but I don’t have experience with one. Thanks

It should if you can run Java on a Chromebook. That’s the question you need to resolve.

There is experimental support for running a linux environment on a chromebook Set up Linux on your Chromebook - Chromebook Help.

So that is the first step. One of my daughters has taken over my newer chromebook, so I have not experimented with this in awhile. I cannot remember if I tried VASSAL on it when I tried linux on it, but it was not the greatest and I gave up. This article Chromebook Linux comes of age | ZDNet seems to suggest things have improved lately, though.

There are other ways to install linux on a chromebook, including crouton, or just replacing chromeOS with a linux distro like GalliumOS (debian based lightweight distro designed for chromebooks). I used GalliumOS on an old chromebook after it aged out of official support, and it worked well, including VASSAL

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Thanks dwalls70. I suppose an alternative would be to not get a Chromebook, but get a notebook or netbook with Linux on it.

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