Win Place And Show

Looking for some opponents for a game of WPS.

I live CST and flexable on dates and times to play

I am very experianced playing WPS but this would be a first using Vassal.

I am intrested in learning and playing other ganes as well along the AH/GMT line and some others.

Hi jtom - I have WPS and am not very experienced myself with it, but am willing to give it a try on VASSAL. I am EST and mostly available weekends and evenings. Brian

I first played WPS at last year’s WBC’s and even made the final table! I’ve owned it for decades and maybe even played it then - can’t remember. Anyway, I’d be willing to give it a go on Vassal if you find more players.

Hey very cool! Me and one guy just finished a series of races. Your very welcome to join. He is on the east coast and we normally play on sundays. We try to shoot for Saturdays but seem to end up busy:) I’m going to give you my email to reply K??