Win10 VASSAL 3.5.0 installation without admin rights

Hello all,

I was using VASSAL 3.5.0 for about a year and was very happy with the functionality and availability of mods.
Now I would like to run the latest VASL mod 6.6.1 or 2 which requires a higher VASSAL version (my version is 4 years old anyway).

However I am running VASSAL on my 64-Win (Windows 10) work computer where I do not have admin rights and cannot install anything. For VASSAL 3.5.0 I am using a PortableApps v 17.1.1 and jPortable Java Launcher 64 (Version 5 I think), from an external HDD. There is Java v8 Update 271 installed in the system.

The newest VASSAL installation for Win requires me to run the exe installer (which I can’t) so I cannot unpack it. When trying the “other” ZIP it lacks the VASSAL.exe file - which might not be a problem by itself, but when I run through the PortableApps the Vengine.jar I get an error “A JNI error has occured”/“Java exception”.

Does anybody know what to do?
Thanks guys!

We released 3.5.0 on Sunday, so you can’t have been using that for a year. What version did you mean?

I don’t know anything about that setup. How did you do it?