Window behaviour in macOS

OS: macOS Ventura (13.2.1)
VASSAL: 3.6.11
Module: Fire in the Lake, Gandhi, Colonial Twilight, etc etc (every one I’ve tried so far)

Something that has annoyed me since I started using Vassal a few months ago is the window behaviour on macOS. If I do cmd + ~ to switch to another module window (say, I opened up a Player Aid window and want to go back to the map), the Player Aid window stays in the foreground but unselected. It would be better if by doing cmd + ~, the selected window would be put in the foreground.

I searched briefly in the Github repo and couldn’t find any open or closed issues about this specifically. Should I open one?

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Sure, but if you want anybody to look into it, you’ll likely need to round up someone with a Mac to do that.