Windows 11 Vassal and Java

Got a new computer (HP) with Windows 11 but…
I loaded the vassal version 3.6.7 from my old computer that uses Windows 10, and we have been using with jre 1.8.0_333 (Java) to play WIF module 1.07
I got a message ‘This application requires a Java realtime environment.’
Oracle is pushing the latest Java version, but I am not sure of the best course of action. We like using our original Vassal and Java versions for synchronization purposes.
And how do I transfer the modules when I finally upgrade to 3.6.14, or do I have to reload them?
I checked the McAffee program, and the quarantine file is empty.
Windows 11 seems to prefer files that are down loaded is my experience so far.

VASSAL comes with its own Java runtime–any version of 3.6.x will ignore any system Java you might have installed separately. So you don’t need to be concerned with any auto-update suggestions Oracle’s Java might be giving you–it’s a good idea to keep it current if you have other software that requires Java, but either way it won’t impact use of VASSAL, as it won’t use your system Java.

Modules currently showing in your module library should remain there if you update to the latest VASSAL. There is another thread open about an unresolved bug causing some users to lose some/all of their module listing after an update, but nothing will be done to your module files themselves. Just re-open one if for some reason it stops displaying in your module library post-update.

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