Wizard's Quest PBEM

Seeking 2 players to join a 4 player game of AH Wizard’s Quest PBEM.
Vassal and/or game experience not required. Willing to teach either. Newbies welcome!
Will try our best to maintain a 1 turn/day schedule. Life happens and we will deal as required. We only ask players commit to finishing the game.
We are social gamers. Mistakes happen. We do our best to correct them and then play on.

Im new interested in fantasy adventure. I am responsible and have experience with Talisman and Dungeonquest Board Games.

I could be persuaded to join this game, if you get enough people together. I remember playing Wizards Quest back in the early eighties. I still have it, but haven’t pulled it out recently.

I must have missed this when it came up the first time. I would have an interest as well.