Wolfpack aircraft ranges

The program can display aircraft ranges with a translucent colored layer over the map, but I haven’t found a way to turn it off. Where am I not looking?

Seems to be a simple toggle. Right-click an aircraft and choose “Show Range” (or hit Alt+R on keyboard) to show the range overlay, do the exact same thing to turn it off.

I think I wasn’t being careful of which airplane I was right clicking. I f there were 3 range 10s at an airfield, I might rt-clk one to show range but not click the same one to hide range.

Hmmm. As a possible upgrade. Change from a simple toggle to a trigger action(TA). Have the TA also use a ‘layer’ trait to mark which unit(s) have the AOE turned on.

I did a little experimenting, and while the ranges worked on a new game my saved games had the flaw. Guess I will just live with it.

You might try the saved game updater, but keep backup copies of any saved games you update in case it doesn’t work as expected.

Load one of your saved games, Tools → Refresh Counters

One of the most important principles of understanding editing is that saved games that pre-date a set of edits will not reflect those edits. They’ll have the behavior that existed in the module at the time they were saved. You have to use this refresh feature to get pieces in your game to adopt the newly-edited settings in your module.

I had tried the refresh before.
I did it again just now and here is a screenshot.
Right clicking on the 7 range plane “show range” on Iceland makes no difference in the range display. Neither does clicking on any of the 12 range at Newfoundland, although the 7 range does change it.
All of the range planes at Ulster work.

I discovered that you have to right click the same plane to remove the range shading that you used to create it. If you created it with the second from the top, you have to remove using the same one.
Also, if you don’t clear the ranges before you save, they will remain when you open and can’t be changed