World at War Eisenbach Gap anyone?

I am just getting into VASSAL. I’ve never played on it, but I really want to get into it. Eisenbach Gap or Blood and Bridges by Lock n Load games is what I want to start with.

Have been looking to play Gap for a while now, only played solo. Lots of vassal experience. Usually play pbem since many games going at once. So if you want go ahead and set us up for a learning go for both of us. I have no preference to sides or scenarios.

Thanks for replying! I don’t have any experience with Vassal, but I think I can setup one of the scenarios. How about the 1st scenario in EG called “First Moves”? I’ll play Ivan. What do you say?

Oh, Canajian,eh? Well, I’m originally from Montreal.

sounds good, will have a look at rules and we can work together to get bugs out. Canadian eh, yes from Hamilton area moved west 6 years ago.

Sounds equally good. I have a handle on the rules of EG, but not VASSAL. Together we can get something going.

Ok am off to work tomorrow so hope to re-read rules by evening. I think the mod for vassal forces players to set-up scenarios.

I’m Italian, I speak easy English.
I am available to start a easy match.
Unfortunately, I can guarantee a move every 1-2 days.
I can play via PBEM initially afther online.

the roll of the dice can be used :


I’m italian too …
and write easy english too :smiley:

I like a lot WaW series (i have alls games and scenarios)
but had played it only a time.

If you like play with me post here or a pm



New to vassal and WaW series, don’t see how pbem would work… Anyone interest in a game email me. PST is my time zone

…or Nations at war? Death of 1st? B&B?