World at War


Could anyone send me a copy of the rules? I want to try this game for a while but the rules are unreachable. And I am a kind of person who won’t buy a game without knowing it. I mean knowing the rules and try it once or twice. I don’t understand why some publisher doing like this. In case of almost all of my purchesed games I tried them to see if it works fine to me or not.
So please if sombody has the rules send it to me.

Geri has the rules online

Thank you for your intention to help me. It’s my bad that I didn’t clarify what I want exactly. So, I mean the Lock N Load Publising World at War series. … enbach-gap

You can find the rules here:
These are the Blood and Bridges rules, which update the rules for Eisenbach Gap also.

You can get an idea of the game from the rules, but you can’t play the VASSAL module since you will lack the scenario setups and Terrain chart (for movement and combat bonuses).

Thank you, it’s enough for me :slight_smile: