World in Flames - Convoys

I hope that someone will update the Vassal 6.21 version of World in Flames and add more convoy counters to the mix, especially for the Super Deluxe version of Global War. Such a great job done on adding so many of the add on counters it’s a shame not enough convoy counters were included to properly form the Commonwealth convoy pipelines.

I see where I can clone offensive chits which is way cool but no way to clone new convoy counters. There needs to be more single point convoy counters as well as other lower denominations.

It sure would be nice if there was some kind of “bowl” one could put randomized counters in to mix them up for easier mixing up and picking.


Well I did manage to locate the extra convoy counters under the counters button, as well as the minor country counters. Now to finally get started playing a solo game to figure out the game system and strategies.

Still wish the programmers could somehow make the randomize feature a stack command and that counters in a stack could be set to randomize in one fell stroke and have the order of counters randomized. That sure would make the game more user friendly for making random counter selections.