World in Flames (DoD) opponents wanted

Hi! I would like to find at least two more players for a DoD great campaign. As I am a newbie at the game, I would prefer someone with experience, but it is not a must.
I am at GMT and have most evenings available.

Hey I would love to play a world in flame game. I do not have DoD if you are interesting.

I do have DOD, the rules are quite simple (compared to WIF, I mean :unamused: ). It would be wonderful if we can grab a third player, DoD III works much better with 3 than 2 players.

Great no problem, I have not play DoD III but I will read de rules count on me. If we do not find a third player can we play anyway?

It is possible, but much less interesting because the system is based in 3 ideologies. It is still an improvement in the economic and political rules, though, without using up much time.

Is there an actual module for Days of Decision? Is it possibly to connect it to the WIF module and play both? Does the WIF module include the Patton in Flames option that carries the game into the 1950’s?

Yes, or at least there will soon be. Waiting on Vassal 3.6 official release to add a few tweaks (mats/cargo for one). Note that these WiF modules are not the ADG Official version. I have developed 3 versions for the WiF CE ‘world’. The 1st uses the CE maps as bought with options to use the CE or AiF Americas as part of the main map display, players may use ‘Off Maps’ maps for Americas (either), Scandinavian and/or Africa. The 2nd adds the Scandinavian and African maps to the top and bottom the CE Euro maps. The 3rd uses the original NASA Blue Marble images to generate a single scale world (every hex is Euro scale). The Vassal WiF modules page will lead you the appropriate links.

Oh that’s cool that you designed these. I’m enjoying them very much. I think I like the idea of one scale since its being used on a computer and one doesn’t need 15 maps and multiple tables set up to play. The Matrix version has it set up that way.

Is anyone here looking for a multi player game of either Fatal Alliances or WiF?

If this is still an option I’d like to play

Join the discord server for World in Flames as well, you can find opponents there: World In Flames