World In Flames - Marking Hexes


I am about to start playing WiF on Vassal, but I was wondering how people are marking control of hexes (territories) during the game.

For instance, as Germany enters the USSR with its forces, it starts moving through vacant hexes, therefore taking ownership of them, and able to trace lines of supply through them. During our normal games of WiF, we would place a coloured dot on the hexes to show who controls them.

How do people show this in their games? I understand that we could get a counter for each country to represent this, but it could start to look very messy. Any ideas for this? Any way we can draw on the maps with a notional pen somehow?

Any advice much appreciated!

On May 28, 2010, at 2:09 AM, hardwareBob wrote:

There currently isn’t any way to draw on the map. (It is a requested
enhancement, however).

But if you don’t mind editing the module itself, you could use colored
dots in Vassal.
What you would want to do is create small counters for the dots (or
even better, use small flags?).
You would also want to use Game Piece Layers to make sure the dots end
up on the bottom of any stacks.
You would also want to set them to “does not stack”.
Manipulating them would then require an extra keystroke, but I
think it would do what you want.

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thanks for your advice tar.

I think I will experiment with creating small flag counters.

I assume I am able to make small ones that align themselves to the bottom of a hex? I will investigate this approach and see how I go.

I haven’t played with creating new counters before, but i’m sure its not too hard, i have been poking around in the editor a little.

On May 28, 2010, at 10:41 PM, hardwareBob wrote:

Yes, but you will have to play with the offsets.

The other alternative is to make them regular sized, with most of the image transparent.

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Yes, this is the approach i have taken, looks nice and neat with the little flags in the bottom right hand corner!

There already are flag markers in the counter tray you can use.