World In Flames US Entry and Tension and Offensive Defensive markers

Hi I’ve got latest ADG Vassal module
I cant get the US entry and tension markers to work i click them and press send to
main pool but I can’t see any effects
I also cant see any way to select markers for Offensive and Defensive markers to break / sustain Neutrality pacts? Where are they?
Does anyone know what value of markers there are and how frequent the different values are? I can then just use a random number generator and mark them off as used on an excel spreadsheet (I’m going to play solo)
Thank you in advance

Offensive chits a re left hidden. Defensive chits are always unhidden.
As for the chits failing to return to the main pool, you should be approaching the Module designer, DD Games Craig. In any event, you should be able to just click and drag the chits to the main pool.

Thanks for response Where is the main pool for US Entry and Tension pools ?
As for offensive/ defensive markers I was referring to those used to keep neutrality pacts going or to break them ? Do you know the range and frequency of these markers? Thanks

I’m afraid I cannot comment much on the official ADG WiF vassal module. I also got a bit confused when you used the term main pool, I had assumed that you meant where all the not yet picked entry chits are held. Perhaps with Craigs module players just use the same procedures as the table top game. US entry/tension pools are on the Americas mini-map and the GE/RU offensive and defensive chits are normally placed on the European maps. US entry chit values range from 0 to 7. I think you should read the WiF rules, in particular 13.2 and 13.3.
Basically, there is the main chit area from which all drawn chits come from. Probably setup as a deck with random draws. Players click on that stack/deck and drag out a chit. The chit can then be dragged to wherever the tension/entry/pact areas. The command to ‘send to main pool’ should send a chit that is outside the main drawing deck back to that deck. There should also be another set of 4 chit stacks, one for 1939, 1940, 1941, etc. These stack probably have a command to add that year’s stack to the main pool.
For the WiF Vassal modules I developed, I use a specific tab for US entry options/actions stuff, partisans, pacts, etc. I have 4 counters that perform the maths to display the actual tension and entry levels for all 4 pools. Once masked by whoever is playing the USA, only that player may then see the totals.
There is FB WiF group that is quite active. There is even a chance to get into a beginners learning game.

Thank you very much for your informative answers :pray:t5: