World in Flames

We are a group of 3 moderately experienced WiF players looking for a 4th or even 5th player to join our live World in Flames sessions. Gaming evenings take place on Fridays every 2 - 4 weeks starting at 6 pm CET (GMT+1). Core WiF only, no Planes in Flames, etc. Days of Decision can be discussed. Languages English or German. We are a rather relaxed group. Next game scheduled to start on April 16.

Hey Guys,

Wondering if you have kicked off your game yet?

My name’s David - I live in Thailand. I would consider myself a relatively experienced player of World in flames, however most of my game days were 20 years ago when I had more time. I have since rediscovered the wonder of WiF and have been playing the module on Vassal and even had a F2F 2 Player. Game. Timezone wise I am GMT + 7. I’m a bit of a night owl so a midnight game for 2 hours would be ok.

If you have already started I don’t mind joining the game and picking up whatever off position there is.

I’m brand new to Vassal and would love to join. I own the game but never had opponents to play but have always wanted to play.

Were you able to join that 3 man group? If not do you have interest in putting together another group?

Hey there Trekkie,

I ended up playing with one of those guys. We have had two games so far interesting both had the same outcome an Axis Victory on points at the very end of the game Fascist Tide 2 Map.
I’m based in the Japan aligned minor of Siam:) GMT + 7. I’d be happy to have a game some time. We can possibly do a 4 player or at least a 2 player.

Where are you based?

I am in Virginia Beach Virginia EST- I used to do some light manufacturing in Thailand. I love it there. I’m flexible on times to play and have the ability to move my schedule. I’d love a multi player. Do you guys use Zoom or another program to talk while playing? I just started playing and we used zoom and it was great.

I think I am GMT -4 for another couple of weeks then -5. I’m not used to using GMT time but I can learn

I think that makes the time different around 11 - 12 hours? Not sure what your availability is but it looks like the most coinvent time is either morning my time/night your time or the other way around. You can email me

@flashydavid we have a group just getting into 1941 based in UTC+7/8/10 time zones. Join the discord server and you’ll find us there: World In Flames