Would anybody be willing to help a first time VASSAL user?

Is anybody willing to help a new Vassal player start up a game and become familiar with the Vassal controls? Playing online board games seems like a great idea, but it’s hard to find opponents willing to play. If you have some patience, it shouldn’t take too long for me to learn the games once I figure out how to run games via vassal.

I’m playing in California, USA. PST Time. I don’t think that matters because I stay up super late hours.

I’m interested in either trying one of the top 10 games on BGG, or playing a game that I’m familiar with.

Top 10ish Games I’ve never played, but willing to learn:
Twilight Struggle
Through the Ages: A Story of…
Le Havre
War of the Ring
Commands & Colors
Die Macher

Games I’ve played before (and familiar with):
Puerto Rico
Power Grid
Dominion: all expansions
El Grande
Race for the Galaxy
Tigris & Euphrates
7 Wonders
Battlestar Galactica: all expansions
Dominant Species
Small World
Dungeon Lords
Cosmic Encounter
…and more.

I will; even in the same time zone. Send me an e-mail - carlthepal@yahoo.com

Ok, I sent you a email. Mine is - charliechuckleberry@yahoo.com if for some reason you don’t get my sent message.