Would anyone like to play one of the following?

Hi, all,

I am new to war gaming and new to VASSAL and I’m really eager to start playing. Here’s a list of games I’m interested in playing (I’m open to anything, however, so please make suggestions if you’d rather play something else):

  • Quebec 1759
    -Here I Stand
    -Julius Ceasar
    -Twilight Struggle
    -Any game in the COIN series (Andean Abyss, A Distant Plain, etc)
    -1812: The Invasion of Canada
    -Maria (3-player, advanced rules)
    -Hammer of the Scots
    -Paths of Glory
    -30 Years War
  • Washington’s War
  • Wilderness War
    -Saints in Armor
    -God’s Playground
    -Struggle of Empires
    -Any game in the C&C series
    -A few acres of snow
    -Roads to Stalingrad
    -Where there is discord
    -Yom Kippur

So mostly strategic games but I WILL PLAY ANYTHING. Just trying to get my feet wet here.

Thanks in advance!

Can play Twilight Struggle but only PBEM. PM me to go there.

I have zero interest in Twilight Struggle, but I’ll play any other game on your list; Quebec is fun :smiley:

I’d be up for Twilight Struggle, Here I Stand, 30 Years War, or Andean Abyss. PBEM works better for me but I can give Live via Skype as shot.

If anyone would like to throw their hat in the ring for a live Here I Stand play, please reply here and I’ll send you my contact information.

Otherwise, I’m still open to live plays of other games on this list.

Thanks, you guys.

I think I gave Adrian a ‘wargaming bug’. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: He’s hooked.

Indeed, you did! Would you like to get in on this Here I Stand game next Sunday?

That evil thing called work is gonna get in the way. :frowning: Sorry.

I am familiar and keen to play Cuba Libre, A Few…, Twilight Struggle, Maria.

I don’t know but I would love to play mostly any other COIN game, Polis, Successors, Julius Caesar and then almost every game you mentioned. :slight_smile:

Our game tastes are very similar! GMT+2


I’m new to Vas and not 100% sure how to use the interface, but I’m looking for a game of KingMaker if you can show/explain how to play as we play?


Thanks, Walts

Hello “Morgoth”

I saw your old post on the Vassal forum - I’m interested in PBEM-ing Julius Caesar or Hammer of the Scots. I used to have Quebec and 1812 (if you are talking about the ones from Columbia games), so am familiar with the system. IIRC Quebec has very few units and is more about bluff, etc. Can’t remember details of 1812, but think it was less complicated than Julius or Hammer.

I’ve played almost all the Columbia games FtF, but never as PBEM, and I should warn you this would be my first time using Vassal.Would you like to give it a try? I look forward to hearing from you -


Hi Jim

Thanks for the offer, but I’ve a couple of Vassal games on the go and looking to start a new Eldritch Horror PBF game …

boardgamegeek.com/thread/13 … y-old-ones

… so won’t have much time for anything else for a while … Thanks again, Walts