"Wrong order" of module extensions

I have VASSAL installed on three different Linux systems, with the Combat Commander: Europe module and its 4 extensions.

On one of my systems (which also happens to be the one I use most), whenever I open the CC:E module, I get this listing:

  • Combat Commander: Europe version 2.0
  • Extension 1. Combat Commander - Mediterranean v2.0 loaded
  • Extension 3. Battle Pack 1 - Paratroopers v2.0 loaded
  • Extension 2. Battle Pack 0 - European Nations v2.0 loaded
  • Extension 4. Battle Pack 2 - Stalingrad v2.0 loaded

even though I added the extensions in order 1-2-3-4. I think this is why my module checksum is different from anyone else’s. Removing and re-adding the extensions makes no difference.

In the main VASSAL windows, the order of extensions is 1-2-3-4.