WW,PoG,EotS,HotS,CR,TYW,EiA,CCEU,BtB,WashW, Reds

I can play the following games: Wilderness War, Paths of Glory, Empires in Arms, Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex, Thirty Years War, Empire of the Sun, Combat Commander: Europe, Barbarossa to Berlin, Washington’s War, Reds!.

I prefer playing real time. I’m available 7-10 p.m. week days and also all day Saturdays and Sundays GMT+1 time zone (Central Europe).

Send me a PM if interested.

have played a few more games , a little more experienced with rules if you are interested in EOTS still. Time zones an issue for face time but some with PBEM is an option.


Sure, we can play EotS unless you want to play another game out of those listed by me before.

Have limited experience with PoG,HotS,WW and B2B, so not as appealing to me as EotS. not familar with Reds!

All right, let’s play EotS, which side and scenario?

the normal pick seems to be the 42 campaign, I have no preferance as to side. You can send me a start-up if you like.
Can play using ACTS or not, makes no matter to me. I think you have my address.