WWI Anyone?

Looking for an opponent to play a PBEM WWI operational / strategic game using Vassal.

Games I have with Vassal modules are:

Marne 1918 Friedensturm
1914 Twilight in the East
Rock of the Marne
Clash of Giants II
Red Star White Eagle (OK, technically not WWI but close)
Paths of Glory
Guns of August

Consider me a newbie for all of these…

You can email me at larizona55 at gmail.

I would be interested in playing some world war I. I’ve never used this program before and I would definately be considered a newbie. I downloaded the paths of glory game. Let me know how we would proceed from here. I’m looking forward to giving this a try.


Sounds good, send me a PM with your email. The program is really easy to use once you get started.

Sounds great. My email is whmonkey2003@yahoo.com.