WWII Operational Games - opponents wanted

Experienced ganer (but still fairly new to VASSAL).
Looking for opponents for WWII operational games by any of the major publishers. I have a fairly sizeable collection

I live in UK, but am retired, so fairly flexible. Happy to have opponents from elsewhere and all levels of experience. More interested in using the games to study history than in fighting bitterly to win.

All offers received with interest.

Please provide a list of WW2 games you are interested in playing.

Thanks for this. Here is the current list:

Caucusus Camapign

Ukraine ‘43

N Africa Quad

Army Group South Quad

France ‘40

Holland ‘44

Normandy (SPI)

Kharkov (SPI)

Demyansk Shield


This is the current list of things which interest me most, but I do have quite a lot of other opertional games, and I am open to other suggestions.

Andrew McGee

Would love to play a game of Ukraine 43.

send me an email if you’re interested.


Andrew…I would be interested in a Holland 44 game.
My email: tonyrogers122@att.net
I am in eastern time zone USA.

I am up for ukraine 43.

plz e-mail for me moonspirit1@naver.com

Would love to have a go at these games using pbem vassal if people are available:

Army Group South Quad
France ‘40
Normandy (SPI)
Kharkov (SPI)

If anyone wants to add Bitter Woods (latest edition) to the list, I can do PBEM.

Would love to but unfamiliar with the game and don’t have the rules.