XWing 8.2.0 module: Can't find any piece of second edition


I’m new there, I downloaded Vassal and the last xwing module (8.2.0).
After lauching the module, I did the “Content Checker” and download stuff from second edition.

But when I’m looking in the “Pieces” tab, I can’t find cards, ships or dials from second edition :’(.

I should have the cards and stuff because when I’m observing a game already started, ships, cards and upgrade are displayed, no problem there.

Same problem here. Have you heard anything back?

Short answer: the pieces window was the old way to construct your squad: fish out ships, dials, cards one by one until you had a list - then you optionally saved it.

It’s been completely replaced with the autospawner back in early 2017, when you go to your player window (assuming an active game room where you did the New Game step) and click on squad spawn.

In the next module version, even the 1.0 content will be stripped out of the Pieces window - all of those items are simply not even used by autospawn. Instead, the module goes through your squad URL and constructs everything you need automatically from a small number of templates, making the whole module maintenance way easier for me and driven automatically by data found somewhere on the web.

All of this was explained in the latest version blog post here xwvassal.wordpress.com/2018/10/ … d-edition/. You can always get to this blog post if you click on the relevant link in the small pop-up window that appears when you launch the module. Look at all the blue underlined clickable links which leads to various resources on the web, including these explained change lists.

A new version is coming this week and as I’ve just written in a few threads in these forums, your lists with hardpoint upgrades will finally work :slight_smile: