Yo JAB5450

You Said:

Hi hipshot,
I too am old as dirt and have two sons(only got one gamer out of them, well two if you count my grandson whos 7 but coming along quickly).lol
Are you looking for email or online play? I noticed you said GBOH and SPQR.Two of my favorites,There is a great SPQR mod and many GBOH mods to choose from.Also look in the Module support part of the forum for more information on individual mods.
Anyway I’d be glad to help you get started.

Later, Cool

I replied and I may have endup in your junk mail. Love to try a game soon.
FYI, I just bought Rus Campaign -L2 FYi for those that like that period also.
I am about to setup and punch Alex GBoH, and just ordered SPQR…wheee, I am on a spreee!v
Now bloody play with me.

I now have TRC L2 with Southern expansion. Any one want to play or play regular TRC?
Is anyone there are we actually playing games or just tinkering?
Is anyone in Austin who might like to play at my house?

Dang,sorry I missed your reply ,I haven’t checked this part of the forum in awhile.I keep my skype on most of the time I’m online-just about every evening.Skype can be used as a text messager also and u can leave messages also.
I must have missed that email also sorry but I’m still here and ready to play.

Later 8)

I’d be interested in playing GBoA as well.

I understand the Vassal mod is a good one.