Young New Wargamer

I am a 23 year-old introduced to the hobby by my best friend who had his father’s collection of old AH games. Suddenly I was hooked.

I am looking for help in getting set up with vassal/cyberboard/whatever is best to use and with finding opponents.

I would prefer to play games in real time in scheduled blocks.
Games that I Play:
The Arab-Israeli Wars

I’ve also got regular squad leader with two expansions about to be on my doorstep and if someone is interested in helping me learn the rules and actually playing the game with me, let me know.

Would play if taught:
Squad Leader
Panzer Leader (Almost same as AIW so I don’t need much teaching there)
The Russian Campaign
Conflict of Heroes
If I didn’t list it and it’s a wargame set in 1750 or later, I am probably down to play it. Just get at me.

Best way to contact me is

I play a little Squad Leader but I don’t have time right now. If you really like old AH games you should join AHIKS here:

There is always someone looking for a game there.


Hi, can teach you Russian Front-E if you are enthusiastic and will be a regular opponent. Best Eastern front operational game out there and great fun. I play live over Vassal. I am EST. John

Wow, how lucky are you, Steve? I owned a copy of Russian Front, but did not get a chance to play it, and it was lost in a flood at my house many years ago. John, thanks for the link for ahiks, I’ll give that a look and see. Russian Campaign is one of my favorites.