Yourkit License

Dear Brent,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

We are ready to provide free of charge licenses for
open source project.

To obtain a license a small free-form text endorsement should be
placed of the project web site.

The endorsement should contain:

  1. Attached YourKit logo and text that your open source project is using YourKit
    tools. Alternatively you can use use logo hosted at YourKit web-site

  2. Acknowledgment should contain a hyperlink reference to YourKit web site.

For example:

YourKit supports open source projects with innovative and intelligent tools
for monitoring and profiling Java and .NET applications.
YourKit is the creator of YourKit Java Profiler,
YourKit .NET Profiler,
and YourKit YouMonitor.

Best regards,
Vladimir Kondratyev
YourKit GmbH
“Don’t get lost in data, get information!”


Is this something we can get added to our github project page? I pointed them to github and and they only mentioned the github page.

Could make our README a markup’ed and add neat images with links to it like this YourKit thing.

And the current build status, all the cool kids have this in their nowadays.

Sounds good. They will give us the license as soon as we can show them the updated page.

Is this something you can get done Yan? We only really need the Yourkit link at the bottom to start with and I can get the licenses sorted.

There you go:

The readme looks neat and modern now: … /

Really looks great! I will get back to Yourkit as soon as Joel merges that in.

That company is in the next town over, maybe I should apply there… Would be sth different than the usual move-numbers-back-and-forth through the DB business software.

Thus spake Brent Easton:

Sounds good. They will give us the license as soon as we can show them
the updated page.

Go ahead and let them know it’s there.

I’m going to take this opportunity to redo the README, as it’s historically
been our release notes, but the way it’s displayed by GitHub isn’t really
appropriate for that—it’s more of a front page now, so should describe
the project.