Searched far and wide. Found one in a dark alley, wasn’t impressed. Then again, I’m a stickler for user interface design, so…

I’m making my own. I’ll have questions. I’ll discuss how I work on it. Due to the advertised constraints on distribution, I might not be able to share the results. That said, there’s enough publicly available information out there to make a module.

zombicide.com has tons of downloadable goodies to start out with. “Game Stuff” → “Utilities” has a “mapeditor” program with graphics for all releases except the latest, “Black Plague”. Tons of hi-res survivors for download. Loads of extra missions to play. Rules ffor

Find a scan of the decks of cards, and that’s basically all the graphics needed.

Just learning Vassal, so stay posted for updates…

hey just started looking into doing a sort of interactive digital version and stumbled on your post. Was curious if you had any headway?