Zombies!!! expansion

Not sure if this is the correct place for this. If it’s not, I’m sorry.

I was wondering if anyone was willing or able to add a Zombies!!! 5 expansion for the module. I’ve got all the scans for tiles/cards(Front/back) at the proper size needed and just need someone to make it. I’ve tried my hand at it and just can’t get it working right.

I tried to just copy one of the sets already included in the module and rename everything for that particular one but was running into a few snags and just gave up after about a weeks worth of trying. Some things are self explanatory but others I just had no clue about how to do.

Anyways, I’m looking for someone to create the expansion for Zombies!!! 5. As I said, I already have all the scans. I can e-mail them to someone and let them do it. I would greatly appreciate it. I will also be scanning in the Zombies!!! 6 expansion within the next week give or take, if someone would like to add that one as well.

Please PM or reply here if you are up to the task.