Zoom level granularity

Folks are using Vassal on a wider variety of display hardware than ever before. I am old enough when I had to write software where the gui had to work with a 800x600 pixel minimum resolution. At least the displays were not grey text :smiley:

Folks nowadays have a wider

Could the default zoom levels of new modules be expanded from 39% 60% 100% & 160% to have more granularity and a wider range?

What is this “ZOOM” thing of which you speak…?

The teletypewriter I started writing code on had no such thing… We were all amazed with the first CRT monitor, which came in a wide variety of display colors… Green, green, and even green!

And our stick drives were rolls of paper tape…

Hi Tim,

Could you please review the VASSAL-3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-14224-14079fc build on page 1 of the builds folder and see what you think? Note that this is a build against an older version and will not have all the latest changes. Just looking at the default zoom levels on a newly created Map.

Please, anyone else feel free to jump in and comment.

Note that the trade-off for additional zoom levels is an increase in the amount of space taken up in the tiling cache and an increase in the time taken to do the initial tiling.