1914: Serbien Muss Sterbien Module

This module is not compatible with the latest versions of Vassal. Any chance to get the module updated to run on current Vassal version?

Have you contacted the module’s maintainer about it?

There is a name for the maintainer but no contact info.

You need to log in to the wiki (same username & password as the forums, but it’s a separate step–click the head icon in the top right) to see contact info.


I heard from Peter the owner of the module. He stated that “there is java-code encrypted in it by George W. Hayward, the maker of it, who has died years ago.”

So it looks like we need someone to make a new module that works with later versions of Vassal. Any volunteers?

I looked in the version 108 of the module. The custom code isn’t encrypted. The source code is even included in the module. If you want to to update that code, it’s there waiting for you.