2+ hex grids on the same map - each in its own region?

Back to work on my War of Resistance module.

WoR uses map quartersheets, 4 quartersheets share the same grid numbering scheme, but the 4 full mapsheets do NOT.

so, in many places, your hex count may go like this:

0102 >> 0101 >> 0137 >> 0136

as you cross onto another map.

I’ve just recently learned how to delineate Zones. Is it possible to mark a zone (in this case, one map) and then create a hex grid within that zone…

…this way I could use the actual hex numbering and it would work? Maybe?

The hexgrid is printed on the map, and having VASSAL know the gridspace number isn’t critical, but it’d be nice if it was reported as well as movement.

If my question is unclear please tell me and I’ll try and rephrase it!

Thank you!

Yes, Easy. Just right-click on the Zone and add a Hexgrid.

Yes, easy also. Just add a grid numbering to the hexgrid created within the zone and set the numbering as required for that zone.


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Great, thanks Brent!

Ugh, my mind is failing at the tender age of 28. I just searched the forum with this very same question!