!8xx (1829) Module

I’d like to play 1829 but, having downloaded the 18xx module, I can’t get it to work. I get a warning message that: “This module contains outdated custom code, which is not guaranteed to work with versions of VASSAL released after 6-Aug-2021” but I don’t know the dates for various versions of Vassal. The wizard operates normally until I get to “Select Setup” when the options don’t appear logical. At the appropriate point I opt to join as “Banker”, one of the players or an observer but, when the module sets itself up, it is without a map, tiles, counters or anything else. There seems no way to play a game.

I use Vassal V 3.5.8 and am unsure if this is too recent for the 18xx module to work.

I’ve also looked at the Images folder after unzipping the module and can see no game board. I assume I am either missing something in terms of what I should be doing or that the module is broken in some way. Can anyone help?

Vassal 3.5.8 was released in June 2021, so you are not using a version of Vassal released after 6 August 2021. We’ve improved the warning message to be clearer for 3.6.0, which will be released at the end of this month.

The other issues you’re describing sound like module-use ones. Where can we find the module?

Hi Joel:

Thanks for the heads-up. The module is listed on the Vassal site as “18xx”. I couldn’t find 1829 (the game I wanted to play). Hope that guides you to the appropriate file.


18xx is one of those odd modules where all of the functionality is split out into module extensions. You need to also download the extensions you want available (also listed on the module’s page) and add those to the module before opening it (right click on the module name in the Module Manager, select “Add Extension” from the context menu). If you do that and then open the module, you’ll find there are additional boards, setups, etc.

Thanks, Joel. My son seems to have located the 1829 module and I’ll check where he found that - it may solve my problem as I’m not that interested in the other games in the 18xx stable. However, I will have a look at the extensions “just in case”. Having spent some time reading the Vassal manual and watching tutorials, I am now imparting my knowledge to my son, so he can also benefit from all the help I’ve had from the guys with you at Vassal Central.


Hi Mike,

I play various 18xx titles, and am very interested in getting some 18xx working on VASSAL. I haven’t tried the existing 18xx module because I don’t know how to get a module with extension to run. Also, per the module history text, the last update to the module was 2007. Through BGG I know a contributor, but he told me his memories of the module are very vague. Since 2007 other digital/online platforms have been developed specifically for 18xx. A couple that I am familiar with are Board18 and 18xx.games.

You may also be familiar with these. In case you aren’t, Board18 has a huge variety of gameboxes, modules, but requires the keeping of separate files to log the game events, everybody’s moves, transactions and running balances. The “state of the art” for this is a Google Group with a Google Doc log file and Google Sheet spreadsheet, and I find it very cumbersome. 18xx.games is easy to use, automates almost everything, but has a limited number of titles available. The limited number of titles is mainly because the platform is about 18 months old. For the platform’s age, it has a lot of titles.

Creating a gamebox for Board18 to me seemed not to difficult. However, not working in the IT field, I find documentation for helping to implement titles in 18xx.games to be almost in a foreign language. So I have decided to try my hand at making a module for an 18xx game in development. I created the Board18 gamebox for this game. I’m helping with the play testing, but I’m getting really tired of all the effort to maintain the game log and spreadsheet.

Also, since the existing 18xx module is more than a decade old, I’m sure that there are new features in VASSAL that would vastly improve the play experience.

Right click on the module entry in the Module Manager. Select “Add Extension”.

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Thanks for this heads-up. I’ll take a closer look at what you have done and the Google Group in a day or so. I don’t, myself, have sufficient interest in 1829 to examine “Board 18” very thoroughly but my son may do. If you want to be involved in what we’re doing, I’ll let him know and maybe we can involve you (bearing in mind this is a teaching project for us and I don’t want to confuse things).

I suggest we follow this matter using private mail - I’ve responded to your other e-mail separately. Keep in touch.

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