A piece with MANY text label inputs completely bogging down system!

So, I am building another wargame from a student’s Masters Thesis. Part of the game requires a player to select orders for “now”, “next turn” and “turn after next”. I decided to create a piece that can be “flipped”. On the orders side, I have 23 text label input areas that allow the player to select and mark actions for all of the units for that turn. As I’m building this, I notice EVERYTHING slows down to a crawl - upwards of 15-20 seconds (or even more!) to do ANY action with the piece! It’s absolutely a show-stopper! My questions are: why is this happening with a simple set of text inputs on the piece, and would I be better-off creating a set of selectable layers with the marks on a graphic?

Perhaps I just need to make individual pieces for the orders that they can drag to the main window, flipped so the opponent can’t see them? This is really strange - pushing the limits of Vassal, no doubt.

It’s hard to guess what the problem is without seeing the module. It could be a trait depth problem, a rendering problem, or something else.

Unfortunately, I deleted that crap because I essentially couldn’t do anything with those pieces loaded in Vassal - I waited over 90 seconds for any kind of response!

You could try using a Property Sheet instead of individual Text Labels.

So, does the property sheet allow for a selection of specific text to appear in a specific location on a piece?

Could you elaborate on what a “trait depth problem” is?

I have a very large complex module bogging down heavily again, even though I eliminated every single instance of layer levels following expressions, after receiving advice from you and Brent.

Property access on pieces is worst-case linear in the depth of the trait stack a piece has. If you have a large stack of traits, that could be slow. But there’s no way of telling from the descriptions provided so far.

We need to see the module to be able to comment more usefully on what the problem could be.