About Area of Effect rendering

I’m trying to figure out how to fix a rendering problem on an Area of Effect trait on weapon counters in my module. There are a few conflicting constraints that I’m trying to work around.

1: the AoE display must obey the invisibility trait of the counter.
2: the AoE must display underneath all counters on the map. Do not obscure the counters.

The fill color method can do item 1. The map shading method can do 2. Neither method can do both.

I like the way the map shading method appears on the map, but I cannot get it to turn invisible when the counter becomes invisible. I’d appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to make it obey the invisibility trait.

The fill color method can turn the AoE invisible with the counter, but it draws on top of the other counters and obscures them and also gets more dense where AoEs overlap. A work-around for this would be a way to force the AoE to the bottom of the rendering stack.

Does anyone have any ideas?