Action button not working for CardSpot GKC

I copied from an older module I made using DrNostromo CardSpot, but not working.


Thanks for any help!

Wow. That’s an old sample why back when I was using Ctrl keys instead of keywords. So, it may not work as you intend …and I’m not sure which sample this is.

Do you have the module available? I’ll take a look at it.

Sent it along with the module I copied from. Thanks for your help!

Does the “old style” syntax actually support spaces in object names (in this case, “Main Map”)? My first thought is to switch to Beanshell syntax and change that Additional matching expression to {CurrentMap == "Main Map" && DeckName == "Forum"}, but I really have no idea if there’s anything wrong with the current expression (being an amateur programmer who’s used C and its derivatives a lot, I find the “old style” confusing and am more comfortable with BeanShell).

I tried them both ways and was unsuccessful, looks like now the module is malfunctioning in multiple areas. Not sure what’s going on. The older module I copied from is working fine in 3.6.17

Actions Button Define Shape of Click Zone had to be Larger

A big THANKS to DrNostromo for his help!

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