Action Button with Feedback?

Is there a way to create an action button with feedback i.e. the image momentarily changes to a highlighted / glowing version while pressed? I tried creating 2 Layers that follow a Dynamic Property that momentarily cycles between 1 and 2. But the triggers are either simultaneous or cycle too quickly to provide any visual queue. Even if this worked, it really wouldn’t achieve the ideal effect as it would disappear even if a player continued to depress the button. I also tried using the “Selected” boolean property, but that won’t work as the button stays Selected if they click on it - they need to click again to deselect.

I think you’d be in custom class territory for that.

Yup after wasting over an hour on it, I decided it was a “nice to have” that I’ll revisit. I concluded it is a custom class as well. I also tried placing a static image under the Action Button then tried a Replace as well as a Delete & Clone. Nothing worked…

If you’re just looking for an indication that the button was activated (as Vassal can be a bit finicky when it comes to clicking buttons) just have is play a click sound. That way, there’s no doubt. I have a good button click sound if you’d like me to post it.

There’s a clever solution in the pax renaissance game module. A piece with different layers for states of the button, if i remember correctly.

That’s a great short term solution until I get bold enough to start adding classes. Thanks!