Action, Trigger Traits Question

I have a game piece that uses the action and trigger traits to run a few dynamic properties. However, if a player clicks on this piece by accident and then presses on ‘Cancel’ the ‘Invoke Key Command’ still activates. Should not the correct response to a ‘Cancel’ be ‘do nothing’?

I have edited the game piece to include a ‘default’ option that has a no effect action. This achieves the desired outcomes.

Cancel is just cancelling the change of the dynamic property value (or whatever your popup is). So that is “doing nothing” with respect to the specific popup query.

It’s very counter intuitive to a user, yes, which is why if it is part of a trigger chain that depends on the value selected/entered you need to reset to a default that does nothing after each such change. I think the popup could be better designed.

Yes sadly “cancel” means don’t change the Dynamic Property from its current value, but all other triggers execute. The global “Undo” button is the only way to easily cancel the trigger.

Mea culpa. The issue comes from the order of the subsequent triggers that are invoked. In doing that workaround, I also altered the trigger order. All good. Sorry about that.