Add back Definition of Player Sides?

When I first built my module, I had no need for player sides, so I deleted the Definition of Player Sides node (I’m OCD about keeping work kruft free, and also having the retire button visible for no reason annoyed me). I can’t find any reputable information about getting the node back into my module (there has to be a way). I found a post in this forum about copying stuff from a blank module’s buildfile, but that does not work because Windows 10 won’t allow you to insert the edited buildfile back into the module archive (and if I extract the whole module, I can’t re-archive it as a working .vmod).

Any pointers? Really seems odd that a node can’t be replaced…

This problem has been solved.

Vassal information is scarce so it may be of benefit for others if you just describe how you solved your problem–for the sake of future generations dabbling with Vassal modules :slight_smile: